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 This Program Is Hard-Hitting, Transformative Apostolic Education Refined To Deliver Stellar Results For You In Your Ministry. It Is ABSOLUTELY Life Changing!



Here Is Proof That The LEAP Program Has ALREADY Radically Changed The Lives Of Apostolic Leaders Around The World!

"I have been preaching a long time but this program literally changed my relationship with God. LEAP is worth far more than the cost. Priceless!"

Jeffrey Ragle
Pastor, LEAP Alumnus

"I highly recommend this program. It really broadened my knowledge of apostolic ministry. "

Gary Blankenship
Pastor | LEAP Alumnus

"This program is very needed if you are wanting to be a serious student of the bible. And even more if you are wanting to be a minister of the Gospel. You are going to gain so much out of LEAP!"

Timmy Patterson
LEAP Alumnus

"Taking the LEAP stirred me and created a greater hunger and thirst for the word of God that I did not have before. It inspired me to study and to dig into the Word daily!"

Karen McDonald
LEAP Alumna

"This program is tremendous! I feel more equipped as an apostolic leader!"

Isreal Escobar
LEAP Alumnus

"I highly recommend this program to not just ministers but to new believers as well. The content in this program has provided a tremendous foundation for anyone wanting to know more about the bible and leadership. "

Derek Lenz
LEAP Student

"This is a very convenient program because you can do it anytime and it fits well into your schedule."

Lisa Madril
LEAP Alumna

"This was amazing! I learned so much in this program!"

Seth Parker
LEAP Student

"I have been in ministry for years and the content in this program helped me so much! So many things just clicked into place as I went through this program."

John Crosby
Pastor | LEAP Alumnus

"Not only is this program affordable but the quality of the material is amazing. 100% apostolic. I still go back and glean from the great things I learn. Very in depth and understandable!"

David Meeks
Pastor | LEAP Alumnus

"This program far exceeded my expectations! I love the structured layout! Very Manageable workload!"

Chad Bradley
Youth Pastor | LEAP Alumnus

"I enjoyed the material VERY much! The instructors were VERY good! So much good information! "

Brian Pirtle
Pastor | LEAP Alumnus

"LEAP helped me to understand various viewpoints outside the apostolic movement and how to answer them effectively with the Word! Very Well-rounded program! "

Carson Sargent
LEAP Student

"This challenged me to learn in ways that I never have. No exaggeration. It challenged me to expand my horizons in ways that I hadn't thought possible. "

Paul Smith
Pastor | LEAP Alumnus

"This program helped me to answer the tough questions about God that others have asked me about. I have confidence in my ability to articulate biblical answers to some of life's fundamental questions."

Victor Solano
LEAP Alumnus

""I love how intune how each instructor was with God." "

Amanda Coates
LEAP Alumna

This Is What You Get When You Enroll In This Program:

5 Life-changing College Courses

Designed and Taught by Top-Rated Apostolic Faculty

No Question. This is the absolute best Bible-based training program for your ministry!

Value $6,375.00

Course 1: History & Literature of Ancient Israel

 This course provides an introduction to and overview of the history and literature of the Old Testament. Students will be introduced to basic resources and methodologies for study. Relationship and significance of the Old Testament to the New Testament and the church will be emphasized.

Length: 6 Weeks

Value $1,275.00

Course 2: History & Literature of The Early Christians

This course provides a study of the background, principles, and teachings of the New Testament as they relate to a biblical worldview and the development of the early church. This is a must have for the apostolic leader!

Length: 6 Weeks

Value $1,275.00

Course 3: Theological Foundations & Worldview

This course addresses God’s plan and purpose for human history and explores the unfolding biblical movement and sequence of this revelation by examining each progressive epochal shift and covenant. Students also gain a deeper understanding of a biblical worldview, how it differs from other worldviews, and how it answers the basic questions of life.

Length: 6 Weeks

Value $1,275.00

Course 4:


This course provides an overview of the historical and doctrinal development of the Pentecostal movement from 1901 to the present. Students explore the unique connection between this emergence and the first century New Testament Church. Special emphasis is given to the apostolic movement and the progression of growth, traditions, and distinctives. Students will finish with a firm grasp of major events and organizational issues within the Pentecostal movement over the last century.

Length: 6 Weeks

Value $1,275.00

Course 5: Leadership Formation

In this course, students examine spiritual formation as an initial and ongoing foundation for  the development of their leadership capacity.  Students discover their strengths and explore God's calling in their life. Concepts include spiritual disciplines, spiritual authority, types of leadership and passions for leadership.

Length: 6 Weeks

Value $1,275.00

Redesigned Course Platform

  • Optimized for Mobile Devices.
  • Streamlined Learning Experience and Highly Intuitive User Interface
  • Cross Platform Compatibility (Windows, Mac iOS, Linux)

100% Online

*Average cost of room & board for one semester is $6,100 at an onsite school. You Save this Cost.

Value: $6,100.00

Earn A Certificate From Wilson College

All students who satisfactorily complete the course will receive a physical certificate from Wilson College to display in a prominent place.


15 College Credits To Apply Towards A Degree

Upon completion Students will be finished with 25% of an associate's degree. A standard associate's degree is 60 credit hours.


Enhanced 24/7 Technical Support

When something isn't working we are here to help. We have upgraded our technical support capabilities to ensure fast response times and speedy resolution.


The God of The Bible Short Course With Dr. Nathaniel J. Wilson.

$950 Value FREE

*Limited Time Only

(The God of the Bible is a short course that is not part of the LEAP Program nor is it credit bearing.  It is not graded. It is provided to you for personal enrichment.)


Total Value: $13,475.00

(Estimated Cost Of Similar Program At Comparable Onsite University)

Similar programs at other schools can be very expensive. However, our unique strategic partnerships allow us to offer this program at a fraction of the actual cost.

See Below

LEAP Program Cost

$1499 13,475.00


8 Monthly Payments

You Save 89% ($11,976.00)

Each Course is six weeks long. There are five courses total. The program completes in eight months.



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