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Leadership Development Strategies

Class Begins

July 25, 2022! 

This course will provide students with an overview of leadership development. Churches typically place an emphasis on the need to make disciples; however, leadership and discipleship are not synonymous phrases. Discipleship focuses on characteristics, such as the fruit of the spirit. Leadership development focuses on core competencies. Both discipleship and intentional leadership development is necessary.

There are critical turns or passages in which leaders typically get stuck. In other words, as one progresses in leadership, a radically different skillset is required. In the initial phase of rolling out a leadership development program from a church perspective, we are looking at 4 specific levels (leading self, leading others, leading ministries, and leading leaders). In the church, each successive level requires a new skillset. As leaders develop through this particular framework, they obtain the skills and competencies needed for the level of leadership. A word of caution: everyone will not progress all the way through the pipeline. Some people‚Äôs gifting and calling is to operate on a leading others level and they may never go any higher. The important thing is to focus on each individuals specific calling and ensuring they are being developed to become who God has called them to become.

Students will learn

  • Objective 1

Explain the scriptural basis for leadership, the concept of all-as-leaders, and the biblical mandate for developing leaders. 

  • Objective 2

Describe the fundamental components of a leadership program and articulate why developing leaders is important to you.

  • Objective 3

Identify the core competencies to develop in leaders in your context and begin developing an architecture that fits your church/ministry. 

There are two LIVE sessions for this course. The dates of the live sessions are Thursdays, July 28th and August 4th at 6PM PST.